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Maikal Jack

I Am 2 Years Old
  • Gender:Male
  • Birthday:17/09/2015
  • Country:Guatemala
Waiting For 4 Months

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  • Preferred name:Enrique
  • Guardian(s):Mother, Father
  • Father / Male Guardian Occupation:Merchant / Seller
  • Mother / Female Guardian Occupation:Unemployed
  • Children in household:3
  • Correspondence Language:Spanish
  • Hobbies:Toy Cars
  • Education:Not attending school
  • Organization:DR0871, Centro Rescatando
  • Location:Pizarrete, Dominican Republic
  • Closest Major City:Bani
  • Community:Vallery, Rural
  • No. of Residents:6,700
  • Regional Diet:Spanish
  • Education:Bananas, Beans, Bread, Chickens, Egg, Fish
  • Capital City:Santo Domingo
  • Population:10.47 million
  • Life expectancy:male 75.76 years, female 80.28 years
  • Population with improved drinking water:urban 85.4%, rural 81.9%
  • Adult literacy rate:male 91.2%, female 92.3%
  • Infant mortality rate:18.84/1,000
  • Under 5 mortality rate:28/1,000
  • Religion:Roman Catholic 95%, other 5%

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